Team Tournament

If you are interested in participating in the AHA Youth Team Tournament, please send the following information to Team applications must be postmarked by February 1st, so please let the Youth Coordinator know you are interested as early as possible. Here's a little info about the tournament:

The Regional Youth Team Tournament offers youth from each region the opportunity to form teams which work together to earn points. These points, earned from both recognized and non-recognized shows and rides, lead to great year-end awards for the high scoring team in each region. In addition to these awards, regional winners are posted on the AHA youth webpage, and in Arabian Horse Life magazine.

Members have to be AHA members and they have to be showing a registered Arabian or Half-Arabian. Riders cannot swap horses mid-season, unless the original horse is injured or sold. Nor can you change which disciplines your points will count toward. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Here is the information that I need from you:

Member Name:

Member AHA #:

Horse Name:

Horse Registration #:

If they plan to compete at Rated Shows, Non-Rated Shows, or Both:

Specify 2 of the following divisions to compete in:

1. Halter/Sport Horse In-Hand.

2. Showmanship.

3. Western Seat Equitation.

4. Saddle Seat Equitation.

5. Hunter Seat Equitation.

6. Dressage Seat Equitation

7. Walk-Trot/Jog Equitation.

8. Walk-Trot/Jog Pleasure.

9. Western Horsemanship.

10. Western Pleasure.

11. English Pleasure.

12. Country Pleasure.

13. Hunter Pleasure.

14. Mounted Native Costume.

15. Sidesaddle

16. Trail or Western Riding.

17. Show Hack (English or road).

18. Dressage/Western Dressage.

19. Sport Horse Under Saddle

20. Barrel Racing or Pole Bending.

21. Jumper (including Working Hunter, Hunter Hack or Hunter Under Saddle).

22. Competitive Trail or Endurance.

23. One class from the following: Driving, Reining, one event using cattle, one Gymkhana event other than the above classes.

24. Park