Arabian Horse Foundation - Scholarship Apps due April 1

The Arabian Horse Foundation is a 501(c)3 IRS approved charity and is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association. In a convenient one-stop shopping approach, the Arabian Horse Foundation allows students to fill out a single application that automatically makes them eligible for all memorial and regional scholarships. Find the form and additional information at

AHA Youth Foundation Region 9 - Scholarship Apps due Feb. 1

Youth Foundation AHA Region 9, Inc. strives to provide monetary assistance for graduate education of select youths within Region Nine. We do this to preserve and pass on the heritage of the Arabian Horse through our fund raising activities. We seek to be the educational foundation for future generations of Arabian Horse ambassadors. The application and more information can be found at

Sponsorship Information

Hollywood Toi Foundation Youth Nationals Sponsorship - Due April 20

The main goal of the Hollywood Toi Foundation ultimately lies in bettering and giving back to the Arabian horse community. The objective of HTF's Youth Nationals Sponsorships is to create more opportunities for youth riders to compete, which will in turn create more opportunities for the industry and its growth as a whole. As long time attendees of Youth Nationals, Emme and Jenny believe the show is something every kid should have the chance to experience. The application and more information can be found at:

Scholarship Information